Relive the 80s new wave punk rock music scene


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Relive the '80s new-wave punk-rock music scene in Philadelphia
+ anything '80s Philly rock: glam-rock | heavy metal | electronic

If you remember instantly disposable pop music on 7-inch vinyl 45s, skinny ties, pompadours and slam dancing -- please join us in writing this '80s Philly diary.

Relive the '80s in the 21st century: To see more, go to the '80s blog and read or post.

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Use the navigation bar on the left to search for original bands, view posters and articles, or listen to music. Connect with other musicians and fans here.

You can also view videos like Radio Rodeo's Gypsy Life, The Guise or The Stick Men live. Yes, they're grainy and jumpy, just the way we remember it!

If you were there, we want to hear from you. Please send your electronic images, videos, music clips, reviews, articles, and other memorabilia.

I was born in Philadelphia. I gigged and hung out with some great musicians here. Some made it to pop stardom, some moved onto other fields, some still work as studio or touring musicians and songwriters.

Relive the '80s is our scrapbook. It's just for fun � and for connecting musicians and friends. So enjoy! And we appreciate any contributions you can make toward building this portrait of the '80s Philly music scene.
�Reesa Marchetti, Webmaster-Editor, (Reesa & The Rooters)

Reesa relives the 80s


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