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The Alan Mann Band

Update: City Paper 2004


My band shared the bill with the Alan Mann Band at quite a few gigs. I loved his song "You Can't Talk to Her." I used to run into him frequently on South Street, especially at Dobbs. Sadly, he died way before his time in an apartment fire.    ...Reesa of The Rooters

1978 photos of recording tape courtesy Mitch Schecter (click for full view)


ElectriCity, Philadelphia, 1982
The Alan Mann Band

Phllly's own James Dean with a guitar, song painter Alan Mann is one of the most driven performers to come "up from the streets" of Pretzeltown. Known on the local scene for his various band ensembles over the years, Mann is rock'n'roll's personification of a rebel, a master of bittersweet songwriting with a lyrical wallop hard to dodge. One of the only performers who can sing Lou Reed like only Lou Reed (and should) be sung, Mann's own similarly compelling song poetry sizzles and sighs with the many ardent hues of his music.

AMB's six-song “No Deal No Sleep” EP (Contender) ranks as one of the most impressive collections of raw rock power put to vinyl in the ‘80s. When this team of crack musicians performs, rock'n'roll explodes in all its tough'n'tender sensuality, every show a scorcher. Their fall of '82 Contender release, “Fear of Heights" b/w "You're the Man" is an unforgettable double dose of the finest Philly fare on WMMR's playlist. Springsteen/Dylan/Jim Carroll comparisons are warranted, but Alan Mann walks in the shadow of no one.

Brian Schmid's 2007 collection:



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