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Essra Mohawk's new CD, "Love is Still the Answer"

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story:PUB_DESC Sun, Jan. 25, 2004
New Recordings


Essra Mohawk
You're Not Alone

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During a career that stretches back to the '60s, Essra Mohawk has gained more success as a writer than a singer. On You're Not Alone, the husky voice of the Nashville-based former Philadelphian is framed by appealing soul- and blues-flavored arrangements with the help of Jon Tiven, the guitarist-producer who has become a master at crafting such sounds.

Tiven engineered Wilson Pickett's spectacular comeback album and the first two sets by sensational newcomer Ellis Hooks. This doesn't quite rank with those works, but the best numbers here, "You're My Hero," with Steve Cropper on guitar, and "The Moment," a duet with Bonnie Bramlett, sound like lost pop-soul classics.

Nick Cristiano



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