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The Hooters

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The Hooters

With their 1980 mid-summer emergence, Philly's own ambassadors of ska rock, The Hooters, generated an energy that revitalized the local music circuit with a long overdue jolt of enthusiasm and interest. Single-handedly responsible for making ska a household word (and a favorite sound) in the Delaware Valley, this popular fivesome has a legion of loyal fans whose motto should read "Have dance floor, will follow." Introducing the melodica to hometown ears as well as to audiences from D.C. to Richmond, Va., this band's experimentation with the upbeat rhythms of the islands ranks them with the finest ska rockers this side of Jamaica. Both "Fightin' on The Same Side" b/w "Wireless" (their debut single, now beyond its third pressing) and "Rescue Me" b/w "All You Zombies" (their follow-up release, also on the Eighty Percent label) have put a smile on the feet of WMMR listeners and diehard Hooter-rooters one and all. (ElectriCity, Philadelphia, 1982)


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