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Love Bomb

1995-2004 by Bobby Foster

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photography and artwork.Love Bomb LP cover

From early Fall of 1987 through late Fall of 1993, Love Bomb performed in and around the Philadelphia-Wilmington club scene.

The band's original line-up was: Sean Kimball, Guitars and Vox; Matt Eltringham, Lead Guitar and Vox; Bruce English, Keys and Vox; Jerry C. Williams, Drums; Bobby Foster, Bass and Lead Vox.

After a year or so, Matt left the band and Kenny Markford took over on Lead Guitar.

In 1990, the band had the opportunity to record at Studio 4 with Grammy Award-winning producer, Phil Nicolo. A good friend, Jeff Faber was hugely responsible for making the project happen.

The CD to the right is a first-time public release of those sessions.

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In 1990, Gordon Townsend and Tim Reeder took over on Drums, one shortly after the other.

Then, in 1991, Fran Sankey took on the Lead Guitar role. The last line-up change took place in 1992 with Dave Esposto becoming the band's final drummer.

In 1992, Love Bomb changed its name to "Bliss" and recorded and released "Soul Windows."

Coming close to greatness on several occasions, ultimately, the band's more classic sound was of little interest to record labels looking for the next "Poison."

Bobby and Sean had agreed to give it 2 years to succeed. 6 years later, the band dismantled.

Fortunately, these recordings remain as a legacy and the music is as powerful and accessible as ever.



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