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The Philly/Pop Update

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The Philly/Pop Update (OP, Olympia, Wash., 1982)
by Reesa Rooter


Lots of recent local releases:

ALAN MANN: "Fear of Heights," new top-quality release by pop-rock poet Alan Mann and his band R.O.R. Contender Records, PO Box 776, Phila., PA 19105.

BEN-WAH TORPEDOES: Their dance pop 45 "Fingerprints" b/w "Debbie's Like London" features pleasant vocals and an all-around good sound. Could this be easy listening new wave? On Dead Stan Records, 2537 S. 67th St., Phila., PA 19842.

DOOMED ON PLANET EARTH: Single on BTCP Records, 6407 Wayne Ave., Phila., PA 19119. Humorous female vocals and Farfisa organ by Z. Lite make "Heart Attack" an amusingly spaced-out pop side. Backed with "Mercenaries," this record comes complete with a set of "Doomed on Planet Earth" matches!

ROBERT HAZZARD AND THE HEROES: If Robert doesn't land that big contract soon, we'll all be surprised. His clean, mainstream dance rock had been played steadily on commercial station WMMR even before it was on vinyl. Finally, a 12" EP features two of Hazzard's popular radio cuts, "Escalator of Life" and "Change Reaction," plus three equally likeable new cuts. From City Lights, 2037 Pine St., Phila., PA 19103.

NU-ESTE: Intriguing pop-rock by this modern-sounding, cleanly-produced trio. The Vox organ rides again on "From This Side of the Window" b/w "If You Want It." Write to Intense-Intents, PO Box 14056, Phila., PA 19123.

PRETTY POISON: Synth pop featuring singer Jade Starling on this XTC-influenced single. "Expiration"/ "Realm of Existence" is available from Svengali Records, 3204 Waldorf Ave., Camden, NJ 08105.

SADISTIC EXPLOITS: "Freedom" b/w "Apathy" is this popular hard-core band of head-bangers first release.

SIC KIDZ: Buzzing guitars. Play this three-song single loud. "Rhythm Gurl," an original cut, is dedicated to Alison, former Sic Kidz' guitarist who died in true punk style after leaping from a car at 50 mph. Also included are "Radar Eyes" and "Frenzy." BTCP Records, 6407 Wayne Ave., Phila., PA 19119.

SKIP 5: Nice graphics deck the cover of this new wave 45. "I'll Stay True" is driving high-energy music; "Pretend She's You" reminds me of The Byrds. For info write: John Torres, 411 W. Cuthbert Blvd., Westmont, NJ 08108.

Philly pop Update by Reesa Rooter

STICKMEN: "This is the Master Brew," 12" EP on Red Records, 411 S. 40th St., Phila., PA 19104. This wild funk-punk-fusion band displays all the charm and personality of their lively stage show on vinyl. Vocals by guitarist Pete Baker and keyboard player Beth LeJam ride over rapid-fire musical ideas. Veterans of the Philly scene, in recent months The Stickmen have gained more of the popularity and recognition they deserve.

MOTHER MAY I: "Body or Mind," new 12" EP includes "Still Waiting" and "All Too Clear," plus other cuts by this pop trio. Influenced by Siouxsie and Joy Division, among others. Write to 611 Cedar Ave., Collingswood, NJ 08108.

THE CLUB SCENEóLandmark Tavern fizzled before its second month of booking punk and new music. The Bijou Cafe has been featuring local original bands every Thursday for a mere $1 admissionóRIGHT ON! Love Club at Broad and South Sts. is the latest hangout. Although it's mostly dancing to recorded music, there are sporadic shows by some of Philly's more esoteric bands. The Wet Spot at 68 N. 12th St. (corner of 12th and Arch) opens on Monday nights only with improvisational music and poetry. You're invited to join inócontact Stickmen drummer Jim Meneses, 234 S. 41st St., Phila., PA 19104 for info. East Side Club is still tops with local and national new music acts just about every night. Ripley's has been featuring more new wave acts, mostly national.

The South Jersey scene is sad: Galaxy and Ivory are no longer booking new wave on a regular basis, although Mr. Bojangles in Cherry Hill still maintains an original music policy with sporadic new wave. On Thursday nights, Valentino's in Cherry Hill has been booking original rock and new music, and Blondie's, a shore club in Pleasantville, is featuring the more popular local new music  acts.

óReesa Rooter


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