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Info on music trax

1. Faster Than Me: recorded at Fresh Tracks; Richard Bush, backing vocals; Rocco Notte, keyboards.
2. Turn On The Fire: recorded at DAK Audio (on MAPP compilation CD, 1990): Mikey Snyder on drums.
3. Give The Girls What They Want: same as above. (We placed 3rd out of over 70 bands in the MAPP. contest.)
4. Him and Her: recorded at GEO Sound; George Manney, sound engineer; Richard Bush, backing vocals.
5. The Noble Lie: recorded at Can Win Studios, Greg Kochanowicz, engineer, guitar, vocals; Al Kleinschmidt, strings.
6. The Wrong Line: recorded at GEO Sound; George Manney, sound engineer; Regina Christian, backing vocals; Dave Humphries, Marty Ahearn, Mikey Snyder.

Greg Kochanowicz will be playing shows with Bob Genua, original Resistor lead guitarist, and a new band of Resistors in April 2007. CD will be available for sale then.

Local group to rock at FrankfordStyle (1988?)

by Harry L. Swiderski
Playing before a hometown audience will provide a new' high" for Northwood's Gregg Kochanowicz, whose rock band is recognized in the Northeast as one of the most promising new groups in the city. Gregg's group, The Resistors, organized four years ago, will be featured Wednesday, Aug. 5 at the FrankfordStyle Summer Festival.

The program will be given at the Frankford Memorial United Methodist Church, Oxford Avenue and Dire Street, just a stone's throw from his home.

Other members of the group are Bob Genua of Holme Circle on lead guitar, Keith Brogan of Wissinoming on bass guitar, Al Kleinschmidt of Roxboro on keyboards and Dan Farnan of Holmesburg on drums. Gregg plays the rhythm guitar and is the group's songwriter and arranger. All are gainfully employed in different careers during the day.
LaSalle student As a student at LaSalle High School and then LaSalle University. Gregg played "off and on" and spent some of his free time in college as a deejay on the campus radio station, WEEP. It wasn't until after graduation with a degree in English that he really became interested in music.

"We perform power-pop, a rock beat with a pop edge," he explained. "We do half original music and halt rock and roll from the 60s and 70s."

Gregg wrote the original music which includes "Turn On The Fire," "You Need Tonight" and "Torture," all of which enjoy success among the group's fans in the Delaware Valley. The Resistors were one of the last rock groups to play Grendel's Lair before the well-known South Street nitery closed. The group is a regular at Empire Rock Club on the Boulevard and will appear there again Sept. 4.

"Unfortunately. there are too few places where original rock is totally welcomed," Gregg said.

The group has played music before capacity crowds at J.C. Dobbs on South Street, Khyber Pass at Second and Chestnut Streets and Gilhooley's on Bustleton Ave. Gregg says there are more than 150 names of avid Resistors' fans on the mailing list and he hopes to expand this group following his FrankfordStyle appearance Aug. 5.



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