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The Vels

Led by Alice "DeSoto" Cohen on vocals with Chris Larkin, keyboards, and Charles Hanson, bass, the Vels had a distinct synth-pop sound. They played the '80s Philadelphia music scene regularly and were signed by Mercury Records.

The Vels released five records on Mercury:

Velocity (1984)
Private World / Hieroglyphics 12" Dub (1984)
Look My Way/Tell Me Something 12" Dub (1984)
House of Miracles (1986)
Girl Most Likely To 12" Dub (1986)

From 1985 to '86, the Vels toured internationally as the opening act for The Psychedelic Furs. They disbanded in 1987, and Alice went on to play in the Athens, Ga., band Die Monster Die. Later, she recorded with the New York City band, Espadrille.

Chris Larkin passed away from complications due to pneumonia and liver failure on Nov. 21, 2007.

Chris Larkin, Michael Radcliffe, Jack Quigley, George Manney, Allen James, Kenn Kweder, Shemus, Vince Vail, Charlie A pose during a street people benefit produced by the lwomen of Dobbs.

Chris Larkin playing at Dobbs with George Manney on drums.



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