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Alan Mann Band

Alan Mann and the Free Arts Band, 1978 (left to right)
  • Bob Reese - Bass
  • (front) Jerry Healey - Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Wendy Barnhardt - Vocals and Tambourine
  • (in rear) John Mcgarvey - Drums,
  • Alan Mann - Leader, Guitar, Vocals,
  • Larry Saklad - Piano, Keyboard, Vocals
  • Joe Statuto -Saxes, vocals

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Photos on this page provided by Larry Saklad. Click to read about Larry's involvement with Alan Mann and other notable Philly musicians.

1979 Live shots



I started out playing in Alan Mann and the Free Arts Band on piano, keys and vocals. We were then managed by Rick and Stu Green of Midnight Sun. We were dubbed "The Hardest Working Band on South Street."

Later that year I was approached by Bill Eib to play keys for Robert Hazard, whose working demo tape at the time had "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" We rehearsed for months upstairs at the Barbizon Studio on Chestnut.

Next, from '87 to '90, I met back up with my oldest, dear friend from first-ever bands (age 13): David Rowan and Exisdance. I played keyboards and sang extensive gigging and recording "Time Will Tell" at Studio 4 with Andy Kravitz and Sigma Sound. A lot of in-between including playing and writing with Essra Mohawk.

Then in '92 I recorded with Alan Mann on "Christmas on the Block."

The whole time I have been writing and working on my solo stuff (Yet2B), which is finally being realized.

Larry Saklad



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