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The Circles

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(L to R) John Drach, Tim Brill,    
Rick Wojtko, Ed Hayes

(L to R) Rick Wojtko, John Drach,
Tim Brill, Ed Hayes

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The Circles' only recording was on a WYSP Philly local bands album. The members were:

  • John Drach, guitar
  • Rick Wojtko, guitar
  • Tim Brill, bass
  • Ed Hayes, drummer.

All four sang. As Northeast Philly residents, they played clubs such as Gene's on the Boulevard, The Philly Cookbook and the Empire Rock Club. Sadly, John Drach died of a heart attack a few years back.

Rick and Ed now play for a local "cop band" named Philly Heat. Tim still plays here and there. The Circles were together through much of the '80s.

Jim Stucke



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