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Experimental Products

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Backstage Revival, 1986 1981 publicity shot
  1982 1983 East Side Club
    The founding members are:
  • Mark Wilde (passed in 1987) 
  • Michael Gross
    We were a Philly based band in the 80s, a below-the-radar band. Some gigs here and there but not a big fan base. We did our own recording and vinyl releases, rubbing shoulders along the way with Chip Marccocia (a.k.a "Chip Dish"), Steve Fritz, David Wildman, Lee Paris and the whole Kennel Club / Revival scene.
    The Experimental Products Web page at Yahoo has the most band info with a recent "interview."
    Minimal-Wave 1.0 features Ex. Prods with a recent interview concerning the band.

Michael Gross

Article from The Bob, 1983

Experimental Products
Short Circuit

  Experimental Products is a new electronic duo. Besides two East Side Club
dates and sporadic airplay on WIFI, their entrance into the Philadelphia
music scene has been rather low-keyed. The release of an entire album,
therefore, comes as a bit of a shock, to say the least.
   Michael Gross and Mark Wilde are Experimental Products.
Both get credited with vocals, synthesizers and drum machines. In fact,
they do everything from the cover art to the production. In lesser bands,
a situation often leading to self indulgence, yet Gross and Wilde manage
a wide berth of easily applied histrionics. Synthesizer bands often feel
compelled to fill in the mix-- the oral equivalent of white space  in print
is practically nonexistent. Sound is injected for it's own sake.
Experimental Products play a lean tune. No cliche synthesizer blumbs present
  The music should appeal to listeners of a wide range of music, from WXPN's
experimental show, Diaspar, all the way to the sound of the 80's WIFI.
A situation, dare I say, not unlike that of Thomas Dolby. For example,
"Clear Image" is a long moody piece suited, like Dolby's "One of our
Submarines is Missing" for experimental radio. While "Modern Living" and
"Street-Walk" could easily fit into any DOR format (radio or club).

  Prototype is a remarkable debut. Remarkable not only from the standpoint
of it being a good synthesizer record, but from the fact it's appeal should
have such a wide range. I also wouldn't hesitate to recommend seeing Exp. Prod.
live, merely from the fact that their sounds seems rather "attainable"
in terms of it being reproducible on stage.




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