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George Manney, drums

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George played drums with a number of Philly bands in the '80s. These days, he runs the Geo Sound studio and production company. He also has recorded and produced a CD, "Wide Open," with the band Clutch Cargo. Philly musicians appearing on the CD include Marty Ahern, Dave Humphreys and Allen James. [See George today.] [See J.C. Dobbs]

George Manney & friends shopping at Moby Disk around 1974. Moby Disk sold hard-to-find and bootleg records.

Alan Mann Band 1983

Alan Mann Band, 1983 (L to R) Allen James, guitar; Alan Mann, songwriter, guitar, vocals; George Manney, drums; Bobby (Finkel) Philadelphia, bass

Alan Mann Alan Mann Band at the Bijou Cafe, 1981 (left to right) Jerry Healey, Bobby Finkel, George Manney, Alan Mann, Randy Dance

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1982 (L to R) Buzz, Johnny, Bob, George,
Jerry and (background) Greg

Kenn Kweder at the Troc, Philadelphia,
1986 (L to R) Dave Humphreys, Kenn
Kweder, George Manney, Allen James
and Wally Smith


George Manney today with singer Su Teears from Clutch Cargo. CD "Wide Open" credits:
  • George Manney- producer, composer, drums, loops and treatments
  • Rocco Notte (formerly of the A's)- keyboards, composer, synth and strings
  • Su Teears- chanteuse, composer, guitar and keys


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