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Robert Hazard & The Heroes

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Robert died suddenly on 8/15/08.

No matter how many times I ran into Robert, I will always remember that first time when we both played the Hot Club on South Street in the early '80s. Robert looked more like a long-haired folkie/hippie than the new-wave sex symbol he would soon become.

We met again in the '90s when I was gigging on the side, playing family affairs with my Portatone keyboard. It was the birthday of one of Robert's cousins, and everyone was shouting for him to sing. We ended up doing his song, "Change Reaction," together. He was so nice. As I faked my way through the chords, he just encouraged me to go on. "You know it," he said. "You can do it."

Reesa of Reesa and The Rooters

See for recent music (2007 release: The Seventh Lake).

 Dobbs, Philly, 1982


<<Live, Philadelphia Zoo, 1986



1982 promo shot, Courtesy


Robert Hazard live in Atlantic City, 2004
Robert Hazard






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