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Last-Minute Jam, JC Dobbs

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George Manney Xmas party, 1986

Last-Minute Jam band members: Jerry Healey (on violin), bass player Tony Silver and "Polish" Larry, observing.

Madeline Manney, George's mom, jamming at George's annual Christmas Eve party in 1986.

Larry is a songwriter who hung at Dobbs and would get up to sing on Tuesday nights with the Last Minute Jam Band. In fact, my mother, Madeline, would sometimes come down to Dobbs and jam with us.

The Last Minute Jam Band members were Greg Davis, George Manney, Michael Radcliffe, Tony Silver and Wally Smith.
George Manney, drummer-about-town


Dobbs matchbooks


Matchbook cover: click for larger view






George reminded me with this flyer that my mainly '90s band, Network 23 & Reesa, played as early as 1989 at Dobbs. We can also see Sarah McLachlan made an appearance, apparently before we knew how to spell her name;-).
Reesa of The Rooters


George Manney and Jerry Healey


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