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Jerry Healey, musician

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Jerry's last performance with Beru Revue, provided by George Manney.

RIP: All-around musician, producer, sound man Jerry Healey died Dec. 3, 2005. [Obituary]
Jerry was a great guy. I saw him play bass and guitar on numerous occasions with the Alan Mann Band and with Beru Revue. I also witnessed him in action and benefited from his services as a meticulous sound man at Dobbs.
Reesa of Reesa & The Rooters

George Manney Xmas party, 1986

Jerry Healey on violin; bass player Tony Silver and "Polish" Larry, observing; Madeline Manney, guitar; 1986.


Click for larger image. Jerry (left, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, vocals) in an early band photo. Also, Tom Stutz (drums, percussion), Bob Reiss (bass), Bo Borland (pedal steel, mandolin, dobro, guitar, vocals), Lynne Troster (vocals), Mark Greenberg (guitars, vocals)



1982 (L to R) Buzz, Johnny, Bob, George, Jerry Healey and (background) Greg

Alan Mann


Alan Mann Band at the Bijou Cafe, 1981 (left to right) Jerry Healey, guitar, Bobby Finkel, George Manney, Alan Mann, Randy Dance

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George Manney and Jerry Healey

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Jerry played guitar, sang and produced on this early Alan Mann recording

Jerry HealyFrom Jerry played guitar and sang with some of the most high-profile acts in Philadelphia music history. Among those bands were Alan Mann Band, Beru Revue, Randy 'Dance' Bucksner, and Windmill.

Jerry also provided his sound expertise on tour with The Darrows in the late 1980s. In 2005 Jerry is still celebrated, mostly among die-hard fans of Beru Revue, for his musical contributions. In his later years he felt as though he had not made much of an impact on the music scene. We all know different. I'm very sad to say that Jerry passed away ... My love goes out to friends, family, and most of all Jerry's loving wife, Mara.
Rob Johnson

photo courtesy of Katherine Kaplan...

A few recordings featuring Jerry

  • Beru Revue - Moon River live, 1983 (Jerry, guitar, lead vocals)
  • Alan Mann Band - Let's Pretend (Jerry, guitar, lead vocals)
  • James Storm - Runaway Train (Jerry, lead guitar; James Storm, lead guitar, vocals; George Manney, drums; and Dave Humphreys, bass. This track courtesy of George Manney, who produced it in his studio, 1989.)

More of Jerry's musical contributions

  • Alan Mann - You Can't Talk To Her/City Lights 7" (Jerry-lead guitar/backing vocals) Contender Records 1979.
  • Randy Dance - Jersey Girls/2 Days Off 7" (Jerry-backing vocals) American Bushmen Records 1980.
  • Alan Mann - No Deal-No Sleep LP (Jerry-lead guitar/vocals) Contender Records 1981.
  • Beru Revue - I Got A Job lp (Jerry-violins, mandolin, guitar, vocals, "the best way"...) Straight-Face Records 1983.
  • Beru Revue - Be Careful Tonight LP (Jerry-guitar, vocals) Straight-Face Records 1984.

Gerard 'Jerry' Healy | Musician, 51 (Posted on Sat, Dec. 10, 2005, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Gerard "Jerry" Healy, 51, of Morrisville, an accomplished musician who played with area bands for 30 years, died of emphysema Dec. 3 at home.

Mr. Healy grew up in Rhawnhurst and graduated from Northeast High School. In the early 1970s he played guitar for the band the Windmill, and then played for the Alan Mann Band. He was guitarist and a vocalist in the 1980s for Beru Revue, which played at local clubs, including the Chestnut Cabaret, the Bijou Cafe, and J.C. Dobbs, and at Max's Kansas City in New York City.

Beru Revue was described by a music reviewer as "a smooth blend of instrumental virtuosity and refreshing lyrics, but also dance, costuming, props, theatre, comedy, and above all surprise." Mr. Healy arranged the medleys the band performed at the annual holiday concert at the former Empire Rock Club in Northeast Philadelphia. His favorite song, said his wife, Mara Schwartz Healy, was "A Rocking White Christmas."

After leaving Beru Revue in 1986, he performed solo, toured and performed with local bands, wrote and arranged songs for other artists, and played backup at recording sessions.

He was self-taught, his wife said, and played violin and mandolin as well as guitar. He loved dogs, she said, and dreamed of starting an animal rescue mission.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by his stepchildren, Chris and Gus Ruckert; four sisters; and three brothers.

Information about a memorial jam session next month at Smokey Joe's in West Philadelphia will be posted on




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