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Mikey Wild - Misc.

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South Philly native Mikey Wild just loved to perform! We were one of the first to bring him on stage to sing ("Wild Thing," of course), but soon many bands that played on South Street featured a guest appearance by Mike. Later, Mikey recorded and gigged around town with his own band.
Reesa of The Rooters

(Images provided by Rob Johnson)

Cheese Nation photo from Tim Formica [Note the Shure PA columns for an instant flashback]

The core of the band, Dead Cheese, became The Notekillers (Dave, guitar; Barry, drums; Steve Belinkey, bass). "Cheese Nation" was the name given to the band's community of friends, which numbered around 50 to 100 people. Mitch Schecter, who played drums with Witness and many other groups, also played on and off with Dead Cheese.

Dave Hirsch, Bud Nuber, Donna, Elliot, and Barry Halkin

More Cheese-y photos from Mitch:

Buddy Neuber and Eliot Cohen
The Band with Fans (Cheese Nation) in the 1970s
2004 Reunion



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