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Mitch Schecter

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Mitch played drums with Pegasus, Witness, and other Philly-area bands in the 1980s. A multi-instrumentalist, he currently plays guitar in the '60s group, The Rip Chords (remember their hits Hey Little Cobra and 409?). Recently he produced a CD, Things Left Undone, with his wife, Amy a trained vocalist who sings in the Philadelphia Choral Arts Society.
This photo was taken in 1976 at a studio in Upper Darby when I was playing in an original Progressive rock band called "MU" (pronounced "Mue").
The guitarist in that band was a guy named David Ricketts, who went on to huge success in the '80s and into today. He co- wrote and played on Sheryl Crowe's first CD, "Tuesday Night Music Club" and has produced many hit songs since then, as well as a solo album called "David & David" (with a hit song, "Boomtown") on A&M Records.

MU was a great band, in the style of Yes.


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The Flying A's: precursor to The A's, late 1970s

Fran Smith of The Hooters on a solo gig, 1982


Rocco and Rick of the A's with Mitch at an early '80s party
Witness promo shot, 1983


Rip Chords with Mitch Schecter Mitch today with The Rip Chords



Things Left Undone by Mitch 'n' Amy available nationwide at Tower Records online.


Pegasus: Zigzag Club, Wrightstown, N.J., 1981


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