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Then & NOW

(L-R) Ann Francis, drums, Cherie Rumbol, bass, and Reesa Laskey, guitar, sing about chocolate, fat thighs, diets and diapers, 1982.

Reesa is an international Web designer and editor living in Glassboro, N.J.

Cherie is a software company financial officer and bass player in several L.A.-area bands.



(L-R) Reesa, Cherie and Ann get together to discuss menopause, Baby Susie going off to college and other things, 2004.

Ann, sadly, passed away in March 2011 after battling ovarian cancer...DAMN!

SWC conversation, 2004
Ann, 1984, & Reesa's baby, Susie  

Clark Park, West Philly, 1982 | Black & White Photo Gallery




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