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Marty Watt

In his own words:

Started around 1972 when I was 19 or 20. Around 1976 or so I formed a band with  Paul Dugan, Chris Larkin, Hank Ransom, Alan James. We just operated under my name for about a year. Went up to New York for a while to do more solo shows. Came back to Philly in maybe 1979.

Formed another band with Bob Bell, Chris Larkin, Paul Dugan, Neil Simpkins; this also operated under my name: Marty Watt. Sort of a bitches brew of Miles Davis plays dub reggae shout and screamfest arrangement. Lasted about a year; ending in all sorts of typical rock world apocalyptics. We were in New York at the time making a record with Carl Peterson (of Steel Pulse) producing. Think the masters remain under lock and key somewhere awaiting some hilariously large some of money.

Starred in some movie, "Almost You," did some solo poet shows in Europe. Lived for five years in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Now married up here in Westchester County, N.Y.



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