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Artifacts of the Improbable

"Images marked From "Artifacts of the Improbable" are from the "Artifacts of the Improbable" collection by James Lewes.


From "Artifacts of the Improbable"  


The Fad, a three-piece power-pop group often dressed in Star Trek-type shirts, was around Philly early- to mid-'80s. The band members were Tyler students: Frank Mamlin (previously Der Mond); Russ Fama (previously Metrix); and Dave Martin (previously No Milk).

The band played all the usual places -- Grendel's, Dobb's, Khyber, East Side, Ripley's, etc. They opened for the Stray Cats at the Halloran Ballroom ROUND 1982. You might recognize the logo as it was stenciled all over South Street.  The valentines are from East Side, 2/14/82.




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