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Artifacts of the Improbable

"Images marked From "Artifacts of the Improbable" are from the "Artifacts of the Improbable" collection by James Lewes.



From "Artifacts of the Improbable" From "Artifacts of the Improbable"


Dead Boys Reunion Tour: It's been tacked to my studio wall ever since a mid-'80s appearance in a short-lived punk club on Harrisburg's West Shore called the "Demi" (formerly the "Democratic Club", a notorious biker-type after hours club). I really don't remember the year ('86, '87?) but it was post LNC for Stiv Bator and obviously before he really became a Dead Boy in 1990. It had all the original lineup and they did practically everything from "Young Loud & Snotty."
John Weaver

Bunnydrums first gig, 1980


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