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Record sleeves 2

Page 2: Hooters, The Guise, Flight of Mavis, early Ben Vaughn, Catholic Girls
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Hooters, Nervous Night The Guise

Hooters: 1985 Philly band's first major-label release

The Guise: 1981 EP from Chuck Varesko and Philly-celebrity friends


Flight of Mavis

Flight of Mavis: 1989(?) Phila. release

The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn

Ben Vaughn: 1981 cassette from South Jersey-Philly songwriter (now Hollywood soundtrack creator) and friends


Hooters: Fighting on the Same Side

Hooters: 1981 Philly release

Hooters: All You Zombies Live

Hooters: 1983, Live at Emerald City, Cherry Hill, N.J.


Hooters: On the Way Home album

Hooters: Rescue Me

Hooters: 1983, Live

Catholic Girls

Catholic Girls: 1982(?), North Jersey


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