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Record sleeves 3

Page 3: Ben_Wah Torpedoes, The Guise, Essra Mohawk, The Numbers
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The Numbers

BenWah Torpedos, Philadelphia, 1982

The Numbers, Wilmington, Del.


The Guise

The Guise: publicity shot, 1981. Drummer Dave Wood, left rear

Chuck Varesko

Chuck Varesko of The Guise today: actor, announcer, musician, etc.

<<With The Guise, left front.


Essra Mohawk

Essra Mohawk: Primordial Lovers, a late-'60s radio fave from this celebrated Philly-born songwriter. Current release: CD, "Love is Still the Answer"

Essra Mohawk: E-Turn

Essra Mohawk: E-Turn, independent entry, 1985. Her tune, "Change of Heart," recorded by Cyndi Lauper (on the "True Colors" album in 1986) hit No. 3 on the charts.



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