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Record Sleeves 4

Page 4: Alan Mann and Free Arts Band, Windmill, Pegasus, Witness
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Most images on this page provided by drummer-guitarist-producer Mitch Schecter. Mitch currently plays guitar with '60s group The Rip Chords, and has produced a CD, Things Left Undone, by Mitch 'n' Amy.

Mitch is known for his '80s drum playing (heard here with Pegasus at the Hollywood Bowl, 1982). But his guitar work today is outstanding. CD: Shoreline (clip: Off the Line) from Mitch's Home Room Productions.

(Click blue-framed images for larger views with autographs, info, etc.)


Windmill, 197? (OK, it's not a record. But bass player Jerry Healey, far left, later joined the Alan Mann Band.)

Alan Mann and the Free Arts Band: 1978, Philly. Alan's first LP. Artwork: Phil Ceccola


1979 Alan Mann single, You Can't talk to Her b/w City Lights
Click images (provided by Alzarius) for larger view

The Neighborhood, 1985 LP, Back Cover
(Album provided by Janet Bressler)


Witness: 1980, Philly-Jersey

Pegasus: 1981

Pegasus: 1981, back cover


[The credits list one of the engineers as Harold Sheets. I played with this talented guitarist-songwriter in the band Muggles around 1976. Click to see other facts!  ...Reesa of The Rooters]

Pegasus 45, 1981


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